Train Flat


Immerse yourself in an amazing train universe, enter a world to live in and let your imagination be shaken.These Apartments are part of TRAIN HOSTEL concept where everything is built around the railway theme : furniture, decoration and "mise-en-scène"...

You discover a world to live in authentic features chosen with great originality, everything is designed to make your stay comfortable, convenient surprising and fun (internet wi-fi, television, linens, soft bath towels, cutlery , dishes, cooking utensils, washing machine and dryer, vacuum cleaner).

Train Flats have a unique train theme design and offer comfortable self-catering accommodation for tourists, railway enthusiasts or curious travellers, alone, in small groups or as a family.

Situated just 3 minutes’ walk from Train Hostel, our fully furnished and equipped apartments, named “La 12″, “MIT”, “AT” and “FL”can accommodate up to 12 people.

Located at 56 Avenue Huart Hamoir in 1030 Brussels. It has very easy access to the tram , train and bus lines which can take you to the city center and all its tourist attractions. Only 100m away from Schaerbeek station and the fabulous ,,Train World‘‘- a unique museum displaying historical trains, including some of  the oldest steam engine in Europe.