Leuven is a city in full metamorphosis. Streets, squares, buildings but also entire districts evolve with the fast changing society. High quality modern architecture lies alongside age-old heritage. Leuven is proud of its past and its heritage. There is so much to see in and around Leuven that one visit will not suffice by any means.

Here you find an abundance of high quality events and other ways of spending your free time. Discover our abbeys, the Grand Beguinage, the churches, Museum M or the longest bar of Belgium with numerous terraces and nice places to eat.

The hotel is located on the Great Beguinage. This bit of Unesco world heritage from the 13th century is a bewitching piece of pure relaxation right in the heart of the city. It has a succession of streets, squares, gardens and parks, with dozens of houses and convents in traditional sandstone. During the high days in the 17th century around 360 beguines lived there.

The Hotel itself is all but average. The atmosphere exudes tradition, but with a modern feel. The hotel is very well situated in a quiet green environment, with a view of the 13th Century Spanish Quarter. With a 20-minute drive from Brussels and at the edge of the city center of Leuven, the hotel is situated in the quietest and most picturesque part of town.

It is one of the few little known urban quiet areas for a reason.